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Workshop for dancers with Alma Söderberg

23.-25. oktober
DSF Studio, Tagensvj 85, 2200 København N
Antal deltagere:
24. september
350 kr.

Til oktober gæster Alma Söderberg DSF Studio, når vi i samarbejde med Dansehallerne inviterer til en 3 dages workshop for dansere med fokus på lyd, krop og bevægelse.

Om workshoppen skriver Alma:

"The activity of listening is at the center of this workshop. We use our bodies and our voices to listen to what is both heard and unheard. We practice ‘listening to movement’. We will also work with rhythmical and polyrhythmical scores to practice complex and layered listening. Our body and our voice will serve as our instruments to focus attention. We will work with sounding each other's dances, punctuating what we notice when we watch someone dance. We will practice looking at each other dance through ‘listening’ to each other's dances."

Watch an example of her work here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5BudxiVJow 

Alma Söderberg is a choreographer and performer that works with music and dance. Her works emerge out of a practice of voice and movement. Rhythm is her drive. She uses her voice and body to play space as if it was an instrument. Her ongoing research deals with how we listen as we look; the relation between the ear and the eye. She has grounded her practice in a number of solo performances in which she developed an idiorhythmic way of creating.

Alma has made the solo performances: Cosas, TRAVAIL, Nadita and Deep Etude in which vocal and rhythmical work is the common denominator. In collaboration with Jolika Sudermann she made the performance A Talk and she plays in the performance band John The Houseband. In 2014 she made the performance Idioter together with Hendrik Willekens with whom she also started the music project wowawiwa.

Foto: Nellie de Boer