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Casting workshop with Nathalie Cheron

24-25. oktober
kl 10-18
DSF Studio, Tagensvej 85, 2200 København N
10. september via DDSKS
1.400 kr.
Casting workshop with Nathalie Cheron

'Training for survival under hostile conditions'
Of course the title is meant as a joke. Not all casting directors are hostile! But a castingsituation is a difficult exercise, as those who have tried it will know. 

This workshop gives you a unique opportunity to work with one of France’s leading casting directors. The workshop will be active and will provide you with an insight into the French and International market as well as giving you the possibility to work with scenes and improve your acting abilities.

  • Working language: English. During the workshop you can expect to:
  • Learn about working internationally
  • Learn how to prepare for a French and international casting
  • Working on scenes previously assigned to each student
  • Working on self-taping for the French and international market
  • A career assessment 

Nathalie Cheron is a talented casting director based in Paris.  She has cast nearly 100 feature films, both French and European, in the last fifteen years and has worked with some of Europe's most respected directors. She is Luc Besson's casting director of choice and has just finished casting “Valerian and The City of a thousand planets”. Nathalie has worked on many of the major international films shot in France such as “The Bourne Identity” with Matt Damon, “The Family” with Robert De Niro and has worked with US directors such as Robert Altman, Norman Jewison and Danny Huston. She has a clear vision of what an actor should and should not do and is coming to Copenhagen to share this knowledge with Danish actors.


Note: working language: English. You will receive a sceen one week before the workshop, so be prepared for homework both before and during the workshop. It is a requirement that you can participate all day / both days. 

All scene work will be taped and you will be sent a copy as soon as the course is finished. 

Sign up via co-partner, The Danish Performing Arts School Further Education, here

Nathalie will also give an open talk Tuesday the 23rd of October 2018 at DDSKS. Read more