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Feldenkrais® class with Paul Pui Wo Lee

18 og 25. maj
kl 10-11.30
DSF Studio, Tagensvej 85, 2. sal, 2200 København N
løbende - åbner snart
100 kr. 2 classes (eller gratis med Åben Studio kort)
Feldenkrais®  class with Paul Pui Wo LeeFeldenkrais®  class with Paul Pui Wo Lee

Through a severe knee injury, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais discovered that the nervous system was malleable and can create new neural pathways from going through different experiences. He developed his method to guide people to improve their flexibility to take action with a richness of options.  He was invited by Peter Brook to teach his world-famous physical theater troupe. Pina Bausch received private Feldenkrais® Functional Integration® lessons in Tel Aviv.  William Forsythe had a Feldenkrais ballet teacher come in to share with his company members in Frankfurt.

 Improving your technical and expressive prowess, injury prevention and recovery, and just feeling confident and good within yourself all come down to one thing – the quality of your “self-use.” The Feldenkrais Method® improves the way you use yourself by helping you approach yourself from new angles outside of your usual habits of moving, thinking, sensing, and feeling.

It is extremely exciting to share Feldenkrais® with artists, because it is such an easy and accessible tool you can continually use to explore beyond any personal patterns of limitations and develop a fluency in applying your personal possibilities to take risks and advance further in your craft with more freedom and wellbeing.  By learning to sense yourself more clearly, you understand how to be a better master over your “human material,” and therefore your “artistic” material, to “speak” to your audience. 

This is what happens in the group Awareness Through Movement® lessons from the Feldenkrais Method® I'll be teaching:

1)   You lie down to check in with yourself through a guided body scan.

2)   You then explore the specific movements that I suggest, making them easier and easier each time, trying different ways to feel out which ones work best for you.  

3)   You rest in between movement explorations to observe the changes it produces in you.

4)   After about 45 mins, you make your way back onto your feet to see how all those experiences outside of your habitual movement patterns has affected you in standing.

5)   You walk around and explore in your own way what this new feeling, or new feelings, improve your daily actions.

 It’s that simple and mysteriously effective.  I invite you to come and get to know yourself better.  #bemoreyou and expand yourself as an artist, and perhaps even enhance your art of living… 

Paul Pui Wo Lee has been teaching Feldenkrais at Dansk Danseteater, Den Kongelige Ballet, and Dansehallerne in Copenhagen. 

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