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On-Camera Scene Study with Séamus McNally

23-27. september (25/9 privat arbejdsdag med tekst)
DSF Studio, Tagensvej 85, 2200 København N
Antal deltagere:
19. august
700 kr.

Séamus McNally is a seasoned New York-based filmmaker, and a leading coach for feature films and television. He is on a daily basis called upon to serve actors (and directors) at the top of their field in delivering some of their most convincing, nuanced work, often with very little time to prepare. Recent series work includes: Orange is the New Black, Roots, Vinyl (Martin Scorsese), The Night Of and Black Mirror. 
Seamus is also coaching for Nicholas Winding Refn’s new series for Amazon: “Too Old To Die Young" and Amazons newest series "The Widow".

This refreshingly practical On-Camera Scene Study Intensive provides an extremely effective foundation, grounding actors at all stages of their profession in a unique and detailed preparation. This tangible preparedness ultimately liberates them to respond in the moment, to their fellow actors, to the demands of the audition process and a working set.

Actors are first guided through carefully chosen material, applying a complex but accessible system of script analysis with an emphasis on psychological actions and a working tool known as pic-pressions. These are pictures, infused with sense-data which participants are trained in using to fortify their choices with profound results.

In the following days, scenes are put on camera under Seamus’ direction and then played back for actors to receive constructive, incisive feedback on their work. 

Over the course of each workshop, a range of technical considerations specific to working on set, are addressed. Workshop participants are given the chance sharpen their understanding of everything from the basics of camera coverage, to the 180-line, to audio considerations. 

Ultimately actors leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of their own assets and limitations, and a refreshed confidence in their ability to deliver effectively on set.

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Obs. Wednesday, September 25th - private work day outside of the Studio.