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Voicelab II: Advanced with Perrin Manzer Allen

11-12. april
kl. 10-16
DSF Studio, Tagensvej 85, 2200 København N
Antal deltagere:
4. marts
400 kr.
Voicelab II: Advanced with Perrin Manzer Allen

 For performers who have previously attended a workshop with Perrin Manzer Allen.

Further application of the information learned in Workshop I, alternatingly between master class sessions and solo sessions to further the personal understanding and technical development. We will be focusing on utilizing an emotional impulse without sacrificing sound and quality, consultation on repertoire, acting a song, and vocal health, repair and maintenance. 

The workshop will help you gain a better understanding of your voice by offering you a clear description of how the voice is build and providing tools and techniques to help continue your growth, with emphasis on the effects of singing different styles and the stress and strain of a long-run performance schedule.

The workshop is structured with alternating group masterclasses and one-on-one sessions which are tailored to each participant’s individual needs. 

Perrin Manzer Allen’s reputation as one of the pre-eminent European vocal coaches, has given him the opportunity to work with singers across many musical genres. Over the past 25 years, he has taken on nearly every creative and production role in the musical theater, from composer to director to producer and he has been awarded numerous prizes for his work. Read more about Perrin Manzer Allen here

Pianist: Jakob Lindbirk