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Modern dance workshop with Alexandre Bourdat

16.-18. juni
kl. 11.00-13.00
DSF Studio, Tagensvej 85, 2. sal, 2200 København N
Antal deltagere:
10 maj
150 kr.
Modern dance workshop with Alexandre Bourdat

Navigating and Intentions

During these 3 days, we will get familiar with the potential our body has to offer in terms of complex coordination. Bringing into play our imagination, physical capacities and sensorial abilities, combined.
Tools such as guided improvisation and specific exercises will be used to tame concepts of navigation.
Eventually, our discoveries will be put at use within a proposed choreographed phrase and we will together think and develop its intention.

Alexandre Bourdat has been working with dance professionally for 20 years. He has been fortunate to work with a vast variety of choreographers and companies such as Carte Blanche, Danish Dance Theatre, Finnish National Ballet, hotel Pro-Forma, Recoil Group, Göteborgs Operans Danskompani, Skånes Dance Theatre to mention a few. During these years he has also had the opportunity to create his own work as well as being an assistant to Kitt Johnson. In addition to this, he has for the past 7 years taught classes and created pieces on students in France and Scandinavia on a regular basis. Alexandre has acquired several techniques over the years and the contemporary technique he is using is a combination of influences and approaches.
His aim is to coach students to be in closer touch with their sensorial approaches and by consequent, discover new ways to articulate and develop their tools as dancers and as artists as a Whole.