You can always call the DSF-reception (+45 33 24 22 00) and get assistance to find the right person to help you.  Or you can contact the following people directly by e-mail:


DSF President Benjamin Boe Rasmussen

CEO, attorney-at-law Kim Hansen

COO, Christine Vestergård Hüttel

Legal Advisor (film and television) Maj Hagstrøm

Legal Advisor (film and television) Morten Lisby

Legal Advisor  (theatre)  Magnus Homann Poulsen

Legal Advisor  (theatre) Benete Benned Jensen

Social Advisor Nanna Møller

Project- and communications coordinator Michael Oxfeldt

Finansial manager and Filmex Heidi Holm Madsen

Finansial manager Lotte Christensen

Secretary/Education Karin Iwersen

Secretary (president and general secretary) Tine Fangel

IT-support, Haandbook and Filmex Kasper Grande

Filmex Dorte Wriedt

Content manager Emelie Søby

Reception Mette Kaiser