Services from DSF

If you are a member of Danish Actors' Association you can get various services from the DSF-staff.


DSF has entered into a vast number of agreements and deals on the areas where our members are employed. Almost all theatres have entered into an agreement with the union. Also in regard to film, television, and radio, agreements have been made on payment and working conditions as well as on payment for exploitation of productions.

When you get employed in one of these areas, you are welcome to contact us and obtain a copy of the relevant agreement. You can also find them on this website.

To most of the agreements belong standard contracts that should be used when entering into an engagement. You can always contact DSF if you are in doubt as to how the contract should be filled in or as to whether it has been filled in correctly.

In the theatre area, we have made agreements on pension in most places. Questions regarding these agreements can be answered by DSF or PFA (telephone 39 17 50 00), which is our pension company.

Legal support

DSF takes care of various legal matters:

We help with the interpretation, application, and drawing up of contracts. We help in regard to filings for bankruptcy or administration orders, and we give advice as well as lead the proceedings in relation to work injuries.

A rather special, but very common, type of case concerns the exploitation of our members’ “picture” etc. DSF enters into various deals with the users of stills and takes care that these deals are adhered to.

Moreover, DSF has an agreement with an external lawyer who chairs those of DSF’s legal proceedings that are of a more general character.


Guidelines for casting work of the Danish Actors’ Associations

The guidelines are to ensure that the members of the Danish Actors’ Association meet with professional and loyal casting directors working according to the below guidelines in connection with casting for roles in Denmark. The guidelines reflect the perception of good casting practice of the Danish Actors’ Association.

The below mentioned casting directors have agreed to follow the guidelines:

  • Casteriet
  • Djamila Casting
  • Gizmo Cast
  • Gro Therp Casting
  • Grunnet Casting & speak v/ Annette Grunnet  
  • Rie Hedegaard, Casting Denmark
  • Rikke Kjær
  • Another Casting Company v/Tanja Grunwald Casting
  • Another Casting Company v/Brüel Casting
  • Another Casting Company v/Saskia Skeel Fahlsten
  • v/Lena Paaske
  • United Casting v/Tine Sætter-Lassen
  • Signe Skov
  • Jette Tolstrup
  • LOUW Casting v/ Clara Lykke Louw
  • Astrid Faarup


Unemployment insurance

DSF has no unemployment fund of its own, but has an agreement with the Functionaries and Civil Servants’ Unemployment Fund, FTF-A. When you are a member of DSF, you are thus entitled to join FTF-A.

You can contact FTF-A yourself  (you can always obtain addresses and telephone numbers from DSF), but you can also just wait until you receive your confirmation of your admission as a member of DSF where an application form is enclosed.

In DSF, we employ experts on the area who are always willing to help you if you have problems in relation to the unemployment fund, or if you wish to make a complaint about a ruling of the unemployment fund that you find unjust.

Grants, Scholarships and financial support

Production support
Financial support can be applied for development and production of projects concerning theater, radio theater, readings, theater workshops, musical drama (including opera, cabaret, revue and musical), dance, films, short films, TV series, audio books, dubbing, music releases, etc.

Grants from the Gramex Foundation can be applied for by both members and non-members of the Danish Actors' Association. The application must be motivated and contain a description of and justification for the course/education.Grants are primarily provided for continuing education/courses for professional artists in Denmark and abroad.

DSF’s education and study travel scholarship
Educational and study travel grants for actors, opera singers, dancers, musical performers and choreographers.The Board of the Danish Actors' Association is once again using part of the copyright payments for scholarships for educational purposes in Denmark and abroad.

DSF’s anniversary grant

The board of the Danish Actors' Association will call for applications when the scholarship can be applied for. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide support to those members of the Danish Actors' Association who are studying at one of the educational institutions recognized by the association. When distributing the scholarship, emphasis is only on the applicant being in financial need.

Irma Larné Scholarship

Actress Irma Larné joined the Danish Actors' Association in 1946 and started her career during World War II at the Casino Theater in Aarhus.
Immediately before her death in November 2009, Irma Larné instituted a scholarship to be paid out on her birthday on 21 March.
The scholarship is aimed for actors over the age of 50 who have not retired and still are working as actors but in need of financial support.
4 portions of DKK 25,000 will be distributed.

Apply here.


DSF offers a variety of courses, education and training. We attempt to provide education on all areas: courses on acting technique, singing courses, film courses, courses for dancers, etc. 

And we are always open to suggestions from our members.

DSF Studio

DSF is in possession of two large rehearsal rooms that both members of DSF and members of Filmex can book for free.

The bigger of the rooms is 95 square meters and contains a grand piano, a mirror wall, stereo, and television. The other one is 70 square meters and has got a piano. Both rooms are equipped with a dance friendly sprungfloor.

The hall can be booked two months in advance.

There is access to bathing facilities as well as a lounge area with a kitchen where you can make coffee and tea. The rooms are located on the second floor.


DSF possesses a number of summerhouses that members can rent.

You can see them here

Actors’ catalogue

DSF publish an electronic Member’s Catalogue containing pictures of and biographical notes about the members.

The internet catalogue is sold to employers who need professional actors, opera singers, dancers, and choreographers. It could be casters, directors, choreographers and so on.

Find the catalogue here:

International cooperation

The international cooperation in eg NSR (the Nordic Actors' Council) and FIA (the International Federation of Actors) is something which DSF values.

In these organizations, the associations involved share their experiences in the theatre and media areas, and they make continued joint efforts to effect EU legislation as well as other international legislation.

The rights department

DSF has established a rights department to protect the rights remunerations that neither can nor will be distributed individually, and thus, in accordance with laws, agreements, and deals, are used to collective ends.

In accordance with the Copyright Act, rights remunerations are means to be used to fund theatre, film, and music productions. They are distributed once a year as collective remunerations for private copying by DSF's council of production funding, and they must be applied for.

Rights remunerations are also means which cannot be distributed individually because of a lack of basis for distribution or because they have expired.


Filmex is an association that protects the individual rights of performing artists. Filmex administers the rights concerning exploitation of the rights holders’ performances in the AV-area, primarily on tv, video, cinema, and radio. 

Filmex collects and distributes and pays the remunerations that the association receives, and to which actors, opera singers, and dancers (and, in some cases, other groups of performers) are entitled in accordance with laws, collective agreements, or agreements. 

Filmex manages exploitations of film and tv-productions on behalf of the performing artists.

The work of Filmex takes place on a non-commercial basis. 

Filmex is a member of the European performers’ organizations, AEPO-ARTIS. 

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