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Danceworkshop with Ludvig Daae

3-6. december
kl. 10-14
DSF Studio, Tagensvej 85, 2 sal, 2200 København N
24. oktober
300 kr.

"Ludvig Daae gives a dance workshop based on his work with the performance “Dance To Dance To” and his group piece for Cullbergbaletten “Donna Winter” .

About the workshop:

During the working process I came up with a simple and efficient method to help define dance and create new movement material. The starting point for Dance To Dance To is 1970’s disco dance, but I later realized that the method can be applied to all kinds of dancing, so for the workshop in collaboration with Dansehallerne and Dansk Skuespillerforbund I will focus on different types of social dancing like disco, line dance, folk dance etc.

I will teach some simple dance frases, and the dancers will work in groups to define, dissect and redefine the material in order to create new dances. We will then mix the, different dances and reassemble them in new ways, again and again. The participants will create the material, and I will guide them through different tasks. The goal with the workshop is to give the participants some new tools to create material, dance a lot, keep it simple, think fast, be creative together as a group and not be too precious.”

Ludvig Daae is a Norwegian choreographer and dancer, working and living in Oslo and Stockholm. After his education at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and P.A.R.T.S in Brussels, he has worked with choreographers such as Deborah Hay (USA) and Mårten Spångberg (SE). December 2017 he choreographed a piece for Cullberg Ballet for their appearance at the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm, which was broadcasted live internationally. His own performances have been presented over 150 times in eleven different countries. For the moment he is touring his performances HYPERFRUIT and Dance To Dance To. His solo performance MM was on the top 10 best stage shows in Portugal in 2014, anation wide tour of Norway with Riksteatret and Sweden with Dance Net Sweden as well as earned him the title of “one of the young hopes for European dance” by the german dance magazine Tanz.

In March 2019 his new performance High Onlife will premiere, which is a collaboration between Ludvig and film maker Joanna Nordahl. They previously collaborated on HYPERFRUIT and MM.

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Workshop co-partner: Dansehallerne.